Ladera Winery, Howell Mountain AVA

CORK & TEE has assembled a dynamic portfolio of destinations that presents rich opportunities for groups to partake in thrilling golf while going behind the scenes to experience the very best cuisine and wine or spirits a region has to offer. Our current portfolio includes the following destinations:

  • California - This land was made for great golf and great wine and there is much more to offer than just golf at Pebble Beach and wine tasting in Napa Valley.
  • Oregon - This incredibly dynamic and beautiful state offers an extremely broad range of travel possibilities and interesting people, along with an ample dose of peace and quiet.
  • Scotland - Scotland embodies the spirit of the game of golf with enough charm to make you want to return again and again.
  • Ireland - A heartfelt welcome and an unforgettable golf experience await you on the Emerald Isle (and the Guinness is much better here).

Going forward, we will add numerous destinations across the globe to allow you to pursue your passions. Visit our contact us page to register your destination preferences.